The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) and Pemiscot County Health Center regulate food service establishments and food processing facilities throughout Mississippi County. DHSS and the local public health agencies provides training on food safety and sanitation issues to the food service industry, as well as providing information to consumers on safe food handling practices, including employee hygiene, food preparation and food storage. Inspections are conducted to ensure that food establishments, and food processors are preparing food that is safe to eat. It is through training and inspection that the state department of health decreases the incidence of food-borne illness. If you are a food service facility in either Charleston or East Prairie you are subject to follow city ordnance on food service inspection in order to obtain your business license. Food service facilities are graded by a high, medium, or low priority that determines the frequency of inspection. This priority is determined in large by the food source served and the frequency of patrons. This, however, does not limit the number of inspections conducted in any given year. Food establishments are also subject to inspection at any given time due to complaint investigations.

If you are interested in becoming a food service facility, and/or have any questions regarding regulation, please contact the Pemiscot County Health County by email or phone at (573) 521-7375 to speak with the Environmental Public Health Specialist.

No Food Inspections at this time.