WIC is an income based supplemental nutrition program. This program is intended for women - prenatal and post-partum - infants, and children to the age of five.

We also provide breastfeeding support, supplies, classes, and counseling. If questions or concerns arise after hours, please feel free to call Carlene Williams, our Breastfeeding Coordinator, at (573)359-1656.

WIC is also a referral program partnered with the Missouri Safe Crib Program. This is an educational process that assists with safe sleeping for infants and to raise awareness for SIDS. Qualifications for this program are as follows:

  • Must be a WIC participant.
  • If prenatal, must be 35 weeks prenatal or more.
  • If post-partum, infant must be 3 months or younger.

Also, if you are receiving services with Building Blocks in-home program, you may not qualify for these cribs.

WIC applicants must meet eligibility requirements under the following Categorical, Residential, Income, and Nutrition Risk considerations...
Who is eligible?


Pregnant women Women who are breastfeeding a baby under 1 year of age Women who have had a baby in the past six months Children under the age of 5


Applicants must live in Missouri to receive Missouri WIC.  Applicants can choose to pick up in any county of their choice.


Applicants must have gross income at or below the standards in the table below.WIC counts all of the members of a household.Pregnant women are counted as two family members.Some applicants who receive MO Health Net may automatically meet income eligibility.Applicants who receive food stamps or TANF are automatically income eligible.

Missouri   WIC Income Guidelines April 1, 2021

Family Size                                      Annual                    Monthly        Twice- Monthly       Bi-Weekly     Weekly

1                                                  $23,828                  $1,986                   $993                    $917             $459

2                                                  $32,227                  $2,686                  $1,343                  $1,240          $620

3                                                  $40,626                 $3,386                  $1,693                  $1,563          $782

4                                                  $49,025                 $4,086                  $2,043                 $1,886          $943

5                                                  $57,424                 $4,786                   $2,393                 $2,209         $1,105

6                                                  $65,823                 $5,486                   $2,743                 $2,532         $1,266

7                                                  $74,222                  $6,186                    $3,093                 $2,855         $1,428

8                                                  $82,621                   $6,886                  $3,443                 $3,178           $1,589

9                                                  $91,020                   $7,585                  $3,793                  $3,501          $1,751

10                                                 $99,419                  $8,285                   $4,143                  $3,824          $1,912

11                                                  $107,818                 $8,985                   $4,493                 $4,147           $2,074

12                                                $116,217                   $9,685                   $4,843                  $4,470          $2,235

13                                                $124,616                 $10,385                   $5,193                   $4,793          $2,397

14                                                $133,015                 $11,085                    $5,543                  $5,116            $2,558

15                                                $141,414                  $11,785                    $5,893                  $5,439          $2,720

16                                                $149,813                 $12,485                   $6,243                  $6,243          $2,882

Each additional member   Plus $8,399            Plus $700               Plus $350         Plus $324       Plus $162

Pregnant Women are counted as two family members. Income guidelines are based on 185% of poverty level. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Nutritional Risk

WIC participants height and weight are measured and blood work is taken to check for anemia at certification appointments every 6 months.WIC participants meet with a Nutritionist for a health and nutrition screening to determine nutritional risk.  There are two main categories of nutritional risk:medically-based risks such as a history of prematurity, underweight, or iron deficiency anemia, and nutritional-based risks such as poor eating habits that can lead to poor nutritional and health status.

Nutritious Foods                              

WIC participants receive checks to   purchase specific foods at the grocery store each month which are designed to   supplement their diets.  WIC food is high in one or more of the   following nutrients:
proteincalciumvitamins A, B6, C, Dsoy, folate, iron, zinc, whole grains

Different food packages are   provided for different categories of participants.  WIC foods include

Milk, Eggs,Cheese,Juice,Cereal,Beans, or canned Bush's beans,Soy milk

Baby food fruit & vegetables%

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination against its customers, employees, and applicants for employment on the bases of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, reprisal, and where applicable, political beliefs, marital status, familial or parental status, sexual orientation, or all or part of an individual's income is derived from any public assistance program, or protected genetic information in employment or in any program or activity conducted or funded by the Department. (Not all prohibited bases will apply to all programs and/or employment activities.)